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Re: usmsc weirdness

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih%hamartun.priv.no@localhost> writes:

> I'm guessing the jerky networking with the usmsc0 was an interrupt line
> that failed to work when it got cold, turning packet delivery into
> something that happened when a buffer filled, or something.  Now, after
> switching to an external USB dongle for networking, the dongle itself is
> failing in the low temperature.

Looks like I was right.  Everything was working when I got here this
morning (-26C outside, -16C inside the cabin), except that the Pi wasn't
on the local network.  Once I got that dongle warmed up a bit, it
started responding.  Now it's once again building packages, from NFS,
mounted over a VPN link home.  :)

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