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Re: RPI: * failed to add service - already in use?

Thanx.I pickup and put 2017-12-16/2018-02-18 libcrypt.so.


From: Michael Blatt <michael.blatt%gmail.com@localhost>
Subject: Re: RPI: * failed to add service - already in use?
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 19:39:50 +0000

> On that note: I've noticed the built-in unbound segfaults very quickly
> upon doing lookups on earmv7hf, same codebase (8.99.12)
> An analysis of the coredump suggests it's also on libcrypt and
> references what looks like an armv8 instruction (I recall the name
> containing 'armv8')
> Perhaps it is related?
> Cannot get more detail to send-pr as I've wiped the install, but
> there's clearly a problem with libcrypt in -current, that isn't there
> in 8.0_BETA.
> Michael

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