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wilde%sha-bang.de@localhost wrote:
> was able to
> build a kernel with GPIO support that way.  It looks good, I can't
> really test it though, as I'm at work and have only remote access to the
> system (can't see if e.g. the leds do anything) but I'm going to test
> and report tonight...

GPIO seems to work -- mostly.  I'm testing with the two on board leds,
connected to PA15 and PL10.[0]

For the led on PA15 everything works as expected.  But the one at PL10
seems to ignore status changes, its state stays always 0:

  lemmiwinks# cat /etc/gpio.conf
  gpio1 PL10 set out green_led
  gpio0 PA15 set out red_led
  lemmiwinks# gpioctl gpio0 red_led on
  pin red_led: state 0 -> 1
  lemmiwinks# gpioctl gpio0 red_led
  pin red_led: state 1
  lemmiwinks# gpioctl gpio1 green_led on
  pin green_led: state 0 -> 1
  lemmiwinks# gpioctl gpio1 green_led
  pin green_led: state 0

(and yes, the actual behavior of the leds is the same: the red one glows
after setting it to on, the green one doesn't)

Any ideas what the problem might be?


[0] https://linux-sunxi.org/Orange_Pi_Lite#LEDs) 

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