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Re: Odroid heat issue and lock up

> > There is only one jumper on the board (model c1+). When removed the
> > device can only be powered through the barrel jack.
> My board is ODROID-C1+ REV 0.4 20150615; while I can find pads for J4
> J1 and J2, I've never managed to find J8 :-(  I suspect it should be
> near the HDMI, power, and the tiny USB but was dropped.
> To your original question, I've not seen any problems.  The board is
> always on but running otherOS aka OpenELEC - since it just does audio
> and video it isn't getting much of a workout.  Otoh, the HDaudio board
> is installed so passive airflow is reduced; and squeezing it it in a
> cupboard next to the stereo probably reduces it further :-)
> If you've a specific workload in mind I could try switching sd cards
> and see what happens.  However, I suspect more useful is the reply on
> the hard kernel forum which pointed to a check-list of things to
> tweak.
> Andrew

Yeah, I haven't checked back at the forum for a while. Thanks for the 

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