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Odroid heat issue and lock up

I am wondering if anyone else is having the issues I am.

I have also posted on the Odroid support forums to see if they can be of 
any help. I doubt this is a NetBSD issue, since I have not seen it in 
the mailinglist even once.

The board is a C1+ running NetBSD 7.1. The device is running headless. 
The only things connected to the device is a network cable and barrel 
jack power source. I have removed the jumper that enables power through 
usb. This is supposed to reduce heat and power draw. But I have noticed 
no improved stability. 

The only way I can achieve stable functionality is when the device is 
reduced to one core (cpuctl) and the frequency fixed at 1200Mhz 
(sysctl). Otherwise when I complie things like GTKwebkit2.4, it locks 
up. I believe it is locking up due to some self preserving mechanism 
implemented at the hardware level. It seems to be getting real hot. 

I have done nothing to the board itself. And the only time I have read 
about people having heat issues, is when the GPU is processing video 
under Linux. I could see it being possible that the CPU offloaded some 
math processing to the GPU, and that perhaps that was why this board 
gets so hot (since NetBSD does not include the GPU blob as far as I 
know). But I really doubt this. But the only thing I have to go on, is 
that I haven't seen anyone complaining about overheating in these 
mailinglists. So it seems prudent to ask. 

I used to have the board in the Odroid supplied case. It helps only 
minimally to remove the board from the case. It is running outside of 
the case all the time right now.

I have the same issue when running seamonkey on the board. The only 
difference is that when reduced to one core and 1200Mhz, the board will 
eventually get real hot and lock up (remote X11 over telnet). If I have 
more than one core enabled, it seems to get real hot and lock up while 
just attempting to load any page, even simple javascript free formats.
At the reduced settings the board will function for quite a while. The 
exception being youtube. After a couple of youtube pages it will lock 

So I'd like to verify that others are not experiencing this. This way I 
can hope that replacing the board will solve the problem. But since I 
haven't asked, I really don't know.

The device is powered by 5 volts at 2 amps.

Any thoughts?

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