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Re: Odroid heat issue and lock up

After testing on pin 40 the voltage never drops below 4.994v.

The SDcards I've tested are fine.

I can't tell if it is a heat issue or not. I don't know if access to the 
Ordoid sensors is supported yet. So the issue could be NetBSD related.

But if no one else is having issues, it could just be the board.

There is a lock up that happens without the board getting hot, or at 
least is doesn't seem like it is related. Anytime I do something wifi 
related with a usb urtwn device, for an extended about of time, it locks 
up. Like youtube-dl or Netsurf-GTK. A work around is limiting to one 
core and droping to the lowest CPU frequency. Using Seamonkey will lock 
it up, even when running under reduced specs.

I probably will not replace this board. I'll just go with another 
Allwinner A20, A31, or H3 board <-(thanks to jmcneill%invisible.ca@localhost).

If anyone wants me to try something with the board, I'm keeping it up 
and running until I decide which board to go with and it arrives.

The orangepi+ or bananaM2+ both look good. I don't know it the BananaM2 
is supported with the other A31 boards or not.

So I am pretty convinced the board is bad, but have no interest in 
testing with other operating systems. This issue is solved, I guess.
But like I said, I'm willing to examine something if someone is 

Thanks for the replies.

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