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[7.0-BETA on RPI] Some corrections!


I've successfully installed NetBSD 7-Beta (2015-04-29) on the raspberry pi (Model B), and noticed a few things
that might need some attention (nothing major at the moment):

* While the instructions in <https://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/evbarm/raspberry_pi/> are useful,
the "growing the root file-system" section states that it is "not required with NetBSD -current after 2015-04-07"
might not be true because I had to follow the instructions in order to expand the root slice.
(OR) I'm misunderstanding what the NetBSD-Current is. As stated above, 'uname -a' yields NetBSD 7.0-BETA.
I know the top 3 BSDs (inclusive) are different, but they seem to use the same naming convention for their release engineering.
For instance, FreeBSD and OpenBSD use -Current for their upcoming (currently under development) releases. So, does NetBSD
follow the same logic?

* The other thing is, with the above version installed, the export path in ".profile" that points to the pkg-repo looks
in the wrong folder. By using $(uname -m), pkg_add will look in "evbarm" instead of "earmv6hf" which in turn contains
the folder "7.0" (evbarm does not yet).

The above is meant to help anyone looking for some answers (quick-fix) and get corrected if possible by the developers.

Thank You, 

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