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RPI2: can't type to serial console


I have a RPI2 and as I lack a HDMI display I want to use it via the serial console (on GPIO pins 8 & 10, power comes via MicroUSB). I get output with boot messages etc., but I cannot type anything. No local echo, no result from things like ^T. But sending a break (kermit: ^\b) works and drops into DDB. Where I again can’t type anything.

Console speed is at 115200 Bd

USB->Serial cable options I’ve checked with equal results include the „official“ USB-to-RPI-Serial cable and a regular USB-to-serial cable with a MAX3232 to convert RS232 +/-12V levels to TTL levels. No difference, so it’s likely not the cable.

Am I the only one seeing this? 
Is there a known remedy?

rpi.img is hard to use with no working console ;-)

 - Hubert

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