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minor syslog issue

I have a small LAN w/ a Raspberry Pi B+ as my time server & a FreeBSD 9.3Rp13 machine (this box, as it happens), among others. The FBSD box is my daily driver, & I want to get the RPi to syslog messages to the FBSD box for convenience, & possibly reduced write fatigue of the microSDHC 'HDD' on the RPi. I (think I) configured the RPi to log to the FreeBSD box, named 'kabini1':

rpi # cat syslog.conf
#       $NetBSD: syslog.conf,v 1.9 2004/07/23 03:45:42 mycroft Exp $

*.err;kern.*;auth.notice;authpriv.none;mail.crit        /dev/console

*.err;kern.*;auth.notice;authpriv.none;mail.crit /var/log/messages

*.err;kern.*;auth.notice;authpriv.none;mail.crit        @kabini1

*.info;auth,authpriv,cron,ftp,kern,lpr,mail.none /var/log/messages
kern.debug /var/log/messages

*.info;auth,authpriv,cron,ftp,kern,lpr,mail.none        @kabini1
kern.debug                                              @kabini1

# The authpriv log file should be restricted access; these
# messages shouldn't go to terminals or publically-readable
# files.
auth,authpriv.info /var/log/authlog

cron.info /var/log/cron
ftp.info /var/log/xferlog
lpr.info /var/log/lpd-errs
mail.info /var/log/maillog
#uucp.info /var/spool/uucp/ERRORS

*.emerg                                                 *

*.emerg                                                 @kabini1

#*.notice                                               root
rpi # uname -a
NetBSD rpi 7.0_BETA NetBSD 7.0_BETA (RPI.201503272230Z) evbarm
rpi #

I also told the syslogd on kabini1 to accept log traffic from everything on my LAN:

[root@kabini1, /etc, 10:31:19am] 462 % ps -aux | grep syslog
root 743 0.0 0.0 12096 1772 ?? Ss 14Apr15 0:03.63 /usr/sbin/syslogd -a -C -T root 783 0.0 0.1 24344 20352 ?? Ss 14Apr15 0:37.61 /usr/sbin/amd -p -a /.amd_mnt -l syslog /host /etc/amd.map /net /etc/amd.map root 66565 0.0 0.0 16336 2028 7 S+ 7:36AM 0:00.00 grep syslog
You have new mail.
[root@kabini1, /etc, 7:36:09am] 463 % uname -a
FreeBSD kabini1.local 9.3-RELEASE-p13 FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p13 #0: Tue Apr 7 03:01:12 UTC 2015 root%amd64-builder.daemonology.net@localhost:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC amd64
[root@kabini1, /etc, 7:47:19am] 464 %

So far after a day or 2, nothing appears from the RPi on kabini1, including nothing in /var/log/security (possibly indicating firewall impeding traffic). Almost certainly pilot error, any help appreciated :-) .... TIA & have a good one.


	William A. Mahaffey III


	"The M1 Garand is without doubt the finest implement of war
	 ever devised by man."
                           -- Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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