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Re: [7.0-BETA on RPI] Some corrections!

On 05/02/15 23:02, Yass Amed wrote:

I've successfully installed NetBSD 7-Beta (2015-04-29) on the raspberry pi
(Model B), and noticed a few things
that might need some attention (nothing major at the moment):

* While the instructions in <
https://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/evbarm/raspberry_pi/> are useful,
the "growing the root file-system" section states that it is "not required
with NetBSD -current after 2015-04-07"
might not be true because I had to follow the instructions in order to
expand the root slice.
(OR) I'm misunderstanding what the NetBSD-Current is. As stated above,
'uname -a' yields NetBSD 7.0-BETA.

-current will become NetBSD 8. NetBSD 7 doesn't include the automatic resize (yet).

* The other thing is, with the above version installed, the export path in
".profile" that points to the pkg-repo looks
in the wrong folder. By using $(uname -m), pkg_add will look in "evbarm"
instead of "earmv6hf" which in turn contains
the folder "7.0" (evbarm does not yet).

This needs looking into, I think. Not sure what the best solution is...


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