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Re: using pkgsrc with pkgsrc clang

So the next thing that fails is www/squid4:
	checking whether linking without -latomic works... no
	checking whether linking with -latomic works... no
	configure: error: Required library libatomic not found.
The test program it tries to build/link is
	#include <atomic>
	#include <cstdint>
	int main(int argc, char **) {
	  return (
	      std::atomic<uint8_t>(uint8_t(argc)).exchange(0) &&
	      ) ? 0 : 1;
and the error from clang++ is
	/tmp/x-6f820f.o: In function `std::__atomic_base<unsigned long>::is_lock_free() const':[_ZNKSt13__atomic_baseImE12is_lock_freeEv]+0x19): undefined reference to `__atomic_is_lock_free'

I don't know a thing about C++ and atomic ops.

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