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Re: using pkgsrc with pkgsrc clang

So here's what I did (on NetBSD-8) to be sure not to mix compiler versions:

1. Set the following in /etc/mk.conf:
	PKG_DBDIR=	/usr/pkg/compiler_boot/pkgdb
	LOCALBASE=	/usr/pkg/compiler_boot
	SYSCONFBASE=	/usr/pkg/compiler_boot/etc
	#VARBASE=	/usr/pkg/compiler_boot/var
	VARBASE=	/var
	PKG_TOOLS_BIN=	/usr/sbin
	PKGREPOSITORY=	/var/work/pkgsrc/packages/compiler_boot/All
(the /var/work/pkgsrc prefix is because /usr is too small on that machine)
and in both /etc/pkg_install.conf and /usr/pkg/etc/pkg_install.conf:
Then build/package/install pkgtools/pkg_install.

2. In /etc/mk.conf, revert PKG_TOOLS_BIN:
	PKG_TOOLS_BIN=	/usr/pkg/compiler_boot/sbin
and build/package/install lang/clang (taking half a day).

3. Revert all the above special settings in /etc/mk.conf, leaving only:
	PKG_DBDIR=	/var/db/pkg
(yes, that's the legacy setting, but that shouldn't matter)
	PKGREPOSITORY=	/var/work/pkgsrc/packages/All
(see above)
and in both /etc/pkg_install.conf and /usr/pkg/etc/pkg_install.conf:
(legacy setting again)
and additionally, in /etc/mk.conf:
	CC=		clang
	CXX=		clang++
	CPP=		${CC} -E
	CLANGBASE=	/usr/pkg/compiler_boot
then re-build lang/clang.

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