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Re: "Check mark" symbol missing using 'evince'?

On Wed, 6 Apr 2022, John D. Baker wrote:

Since the two "No Name" fonts in the example document get substituted
with "Bitstream Vera Sans" and one of those fonts claims have an encoding
of "ZapfDingbats", it would seem that 'fontconfig' is substituting the
wrong font, although I don't know what the right font would be.

Try using DejaVu instead of Vera:

1. Install the dejavu font.

2. cp /etc/fonts/conf.d/60-latin.conf ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/.

3. diff -u diff -u 60-latin.conf{.orig,}
--- 60-latin.conf.orig	2021-09-23 10:13:28.000000000 +0000
+++ 60-latin.conf	2022-04-06 20:21:50.888359000 +0000
@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@
-			<family>Bitstream Vera Serif</family>
 			<family>DejaVu Serif</family>
+			<family>Bitstream Vera Serif</family>
 			<family>Times New Roman</family>
 			<family>Thorndale AMT</family>
 			<family>Luxi Serif</family>
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
-			<family>Bitstream Vera Sans</family>
 			<family>DejaVu Sans</family>
+			<family>Bitstream Vera Sans</family>
 			<family>Albany AMT</family>
@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@
-			<family>Bitstream Vera Sans Mono</family>
 			<family>DejaVu Sans Mono</family>
+			<family>Bitstream Vera Sans Mono</family>
 			<family>Andale Mono</family>
 			<family>Courier New</family>

With this, a sample pdf with `radio checkboxes' show a "dot" when selected
instead of a hollow square. (NetBSD 9.2; binary evince pkg from 2021Q4.)

Hope this helps.


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