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Re: "Check mark" symbol missing using 'evince'?

On Tue, 5 Apr 2022, John D. Baker wrote:

> I also have a report that 'mupdf-gl' operates correctly.  I will be
> trying it once my pkg build host finishes its current task.  From what
> I can see, it doesn't cause any additional fonts to be installed.

Unfortunately, 'mupdf-gl' segfaults on my system.  Plain 'mupdf' displays
the document with the proper glyph in the check-box fields.

Alas, it does not support editing a fillable-field PDF.  It is not clear
if 'mutool' can be used to produce hard-copy on a PostScript printer.

I have discovered that printing a PDF in which check-box items have been
"checked" using 'a2ps' displays the correct glyph in the check-box field.
If I use 'evince' to print it, the glyph is broken and only a thin-outline
box is printed inside the "check-box" field (exactly like the on-screen

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