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Re: "Check mark" symbol missing using 'evince'?

On Wed, 6 Apr 2022, RVP wrote:

> On Tue, 5 Apr 2022, John D. Baker wrote:
> > Same behavior.  "Checkbox" items show a thin-outline box instead of a
> > check mark or other appropriate glyph.
> Does: `xfd -fn/-fa font_name' display the correct (or any) glyph at the
> symbol code-point?

Assuming the glyph is "ZaDb 1117 0 R", I don't know how to interpret
that.  Is that character code decimal, hexadecimal, octal?

'xfd -fn <font_name>' for most <font_name> shows only 256 glyphs.

'xfd -fa <font_name>' for any <font_name> displays Bitstream Vera Sans
with several pages of character positions, but most appearing as a
thin-outline box.  The closest thing to a check-mark appears to be the
begining of the mathematics "radix" symbol, character 0x00221a (34,26)
(042, 032).  The font skips from character 0x0003ff to 0x002000.

Since the two "No Name" fonts in the example document get substituted
with "Bitstream Vera Sans" and one of those fonts claims have an encoding
of "ZapfDingbats", it would seem that 'fontconfig' is substituting the
wrong font, although I don't know what the right font would be.

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