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"Check mark" symbol missing using 'evince'?

I routinely use 'evince' when I need to manipulate PDFs with fillable
fields.  When I first started using it, it seemed the "check-mark"
glyph was missing and the result was a thin-outline box inside the
area the check-mark should appear.  Thus, when I printed the document,
I would have to find all the check-boxes with the broken symbol and
manually draw/write in a check mark.

Then, when 'evince' was updated again, the "check-mark" was found and
worked.  After another update it was broken again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Lately, however, the last several revisions of 'evince' (at least those
found in pkgsrc-202[0-2]Q1) have all had the "check-mark" glyph broken
or missing again.

There don't appear to be any messages about missing fonts either on
evince's STDOUT/STDERR or in ".xsession-errors".

Suggestions for how to restore/provide the "check-mark" glyph for

Looking at a sample PDF shows data like:

  ... /Resources<</Font<</ZaDb 1117 0 R>> ...

which I would presume to refer to Zapf Dingbats and some character
code within that.

(For a sample document, get the PDF of Form 1040 "f1040.pdf"
[U.S. income tax return], load with 'evince' and click any of
the check-box items.)

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