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Re: "Check mark" symbol missing using 'evince'?

On Tue, 5 Apr 2022, David Brownlee wrote:

> Could there be any possibility that the set of fonts installed changes
> between the different updates - either a font missing, or even a font
> present triggering the issue, or installing a different package
> updating some state?

Looking at pkg_info reports, "evince" doesn't cause any additional fonts
to be installed and simply depends on 'fontconfig' to supply an appropriate
font when a document claims to use/require a font outside the "14 Standard
PDF fonts" and the font data is not embedded in the document.

In my followup message, I noted that the document in question claims to
require 3 additional fonts, all supplied by fontconfig, one a direct
mapping (Bitstream Vera Sans Bold), the other two having "No Name" and
substituted with Bitstream Vera Sans, although one of those claims its
Encoding is "ZapfDingbats".

I also noted that loading the document in Firefox causes "check box"
items that have been "checked" to display a heavy "X" symbol (the "BALLOT
X" glyph, I believe).  I also have a report that 'mupdf-gl' operates
correctly.  I will be trying it once my pkg build host finishes its
current task.  From what I can see, it doesn't cause any additional
fonts to be installed.

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