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Re: devel/clion-bin update, how to proceed?

Remy van Elst <> writes:

> Thank you for explaining both points. For clion, I ended up patching
> the startup script to remove the realpath usage.

That's probably a better approach.

> Regarding the second point, send it here means as an attachment to
> this mailing list,

Yes, but I am not sure anybody  wants to see it that way, and I'm not
sure the list allows i.

> but could you clarify "put it in a PR" (is that a pull request on
> github)

No, PR means Problem Report, which it did long before github.

> and "put it in wip"?

> The gnats part was what I found on the pkgsrc documentation (including
> the uuencoded attachment in the correct field), I had to brush up on
> my tar skills to figure that one out (not including cvs files etc).

Someone should probably adjust the guide to point to wip as an option,
perhaps the preferred option, for new packages and updates.

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