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Re: devel/clion-bin update, how to proceed?

Op 20-09-2021 om 14:18 schreef Greg Troxel:

Remy van Elst <> writes:

I mixed up two error messages, my fault. The clion startup script is a
bash script that uses realpath. realpath is not in pkgsrc/ just in
pkgsrc-wip. I added a dependency:

	DEPENDS+=       realpath-[0-9]*:../../wip/realpath

After which pkglint complains.

	ERROR: Makefile:20: A main pkgsrc package must not depend on a
pkgsrc-wip package.

That complaint is valid.  However, if you are doing something privately
and you want to build a package from main pkgsrc that you have modified
to depend on something in wip, you are entirely free to do so and nobody
here will mind.  They will tell you it's not a good long-term strategy,
and that you should get the dependency that's in wip in shape to be
imported and ask for that.   There are of course a bunch of judgement
calls along the way.

What is not allowed is to have something checked in to the official
sources that depends on wip.

If I understand correctly, also from Greg's earlier email, if I want
to provide an update for an existing package, I should do so first in

Officially, you can (probably) send it here, put it in a PR, or put it
in wip.

I prefer, and I think a fair number of the people, probably most, that
have commit privileges prefer to deal with updates and new packages in
wip.  That's because it's easier, it lets others test and help, and
often there's a process of small tweaks on the way.  Putting new
uuencoded tar.gz in gnats and getting them out is not fun (so I don't).

Hi Greg,

Thank you for explaining both points. For clion, I ended up patching the startup script to remove the realpath usage.

Regarding the second point, send it here means as an attachment to this mailing list, but could you clarify "put it in a PR" (is that a pull request on github) and "put it in wip"?

The gnats part was what I found on the pkgsrc documentation (including the uuencoded attachment in the correct field), I had to brush up on my tar skills to figure that one out (not including cvs files etc).


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