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Re: devel/clion-bin update, how to proceed?

Remy van Elst <> writes:

> Regarding pkgsrc-wip, the linter complained that a package that is
> already in "regular" pkgsrc cannot be in -wip (with the same
> name). For new packages I can try -wip, but this was an update for an
> existing package. Or is that possible as well?

It is not only completely possible -- it is the standard approach.    If
a checking tool is complaining about that, it has a bug.

If you mean pkglint, I find that sometimes I have to wait almost 24h for
bugs I report to be fixed rather than meeting the usual 4h service level
agreement.  But seriously: if you are finding something complaining

  misc/foo has foo-1.3
  wip/foo has foo-1.4
  one of these is install (but not both, since they conflict)

then please post specifics and we can sort out if there is a bug or if
you have done something unusual.

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