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Re: devel/clion-bin update, how to proceed?

Op 17-09-2021 om 11:52 schreef Roland Illig:

17.09.2021 07:55:59 Remy van Elst <>:

Regarding pkgsrc-wip, the linter complained that a package that is already in "regular" pkgsrc cannot be in -wip (with the same name).

Hello Remy,

Could you please post the exact message that you got from the linter? I'm assuming you mean pkglint, and I doubt that pkglint has this check at all. As you noticed yourself, that warning doesn't make sense, since updating a package is a perfectly valid use case for pkgsrc-wip.


Hi Roland,

I mixed up two error messages, my fault. The clion startup script is a bash script that uses realpath. realpath is not in pkgsrc/ just in pkgsrc-wip. I added a dependency:

	DEPENDS+=       realpath-[0-9]*:../../wip/realpath

After which pkglint complains.

ERROR: Makefile:20: A main pkgsrc package must not depend on a pkgsrc-wip package.

This was my mistake, it was a while ago and I remembered it wrong.

If I understand correctly, also from Greg's earlier email, if I want to provide an update for an existing package, I should do so first in pkgsrc-wip?


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