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graphviz build problems.

[subject changed; I think it's better to have one thread for each
problem with a descriptive subject, when they are unrelated]

Robert Nestor <> writes:

> Hmmm, ps2pdf isn’t installed on my system and the unmodified graphviz/Makefile does contain that line.  Ps2pdf wasn’t built as a dependency either.
> So now I’m really confused.

Whenever you have trouble:

  remove all work directories (as in rm -rf */*/work and any place
  else).  Really you should do this even before you have trouble.

  pkg_admin rebuild-tree # should be empty. if not, run it again.
  # make replace anything that still complains

  pkg_admin check # and any package that is troubled, make replace
  make sure that you have a consistent pkgsrc tree - full cvs update,
  all on one branch, or all HEAD

  make sure that all installed packages are built from the same
  sources.   Either start from empty and build, use some sandbox/chroot,
  or pkg_rolling-replace

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