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fnaify for FNA-based games

Hi all,

I've imported openbsd gaming's fnaify and some of the related packages,
done by thfr@ and others in OpenBSD.

This is a wrapper to help run games using FNA, an accurate, open source
rewrite of Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0:

With FNA, Mono, and the fnaify wrapper, you should be able to run a
non-trivial number of games, worth trying are items in this README
(Note: actual list is shorter for pkgsrc since I didn't import steamworks,
and some games may have had a new version that no longer works with this

I imported the package after testing a single game: Celeste.
running on NetBSD: (caveat: no audio)

You should be able to `make install` in games/fnaify and then, given a
FNA-based game, run `fnaify` in the directory of it.


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