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Re: Build problems in graphviz and xentools413

Robert Nestor <> writes:

> I downloaded and installed NetBSD-9.99.78 and a -current version of
> pkgsrc.  Then tried building a subset of the packages I normally
> install using pkg_comp.  This has been working fine, aside from the
> typical daily short-term breaks in pkgsrc-current, for a long time.
> But the last successful build I did was with NetBSD-9.99.68 and a
> version of pkgsrc-current from around that time.  Ever since then the
> builds of graphviz and xentools always fail with the same type of
> issues.  I’m wondering if there are some new parameters that need to
> be used in mk,conf or other configuration files that aren’t included
> in the default installation of either NetBSD or pkgsrc.

I know of no scheme that you should have to set variables to succeed.
AIUI, xentools413 has ocmal code which was not updated upstream to avoid
using deprecated ocaml features, and pkgsrc-current has ocaml 4.11 which
removes that feature (unsafe strings).  But, I think xentools413 has
been fixed in pkgsrc-current.

So I suggest you send separate messages about the two problems, with the
usual netbsd version, pkgsrc version, cpu type, any mk.conf settings,
and the logs.

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