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Re: pkgsrc status with FreeBSD

from Jason Bacon:
>You could try using a specific version of GCC from FreeBSD ports as your base 
>compiler to avoid ABI changes.  The "gcc" port installs the current default   
>version as a dep and symlinks to gcc, g++, gfortran, etc.  If you explicitly  
>"pkg install gcc9" and use gcc9, g++9, gfortran9 then you should have a stable
>base compiler ABI for pkgsrc.  I've only bootstrapped with the base clang, so
>I'm not sure what tweaks would be needed to use ports gcc.  One thing for
>sure: See /usr/ports/lang/gcc9/files/ for notes on linking with
>ports gcc libs.

>Last I checked the pkgsrc gcc packages did not build on FreeBSD, so anything
>depending on Fortran was a problem.  Mixing FreeBSD clang with pkgsrc gcc
>might have some issues anyway.

So a FreeBSD user trying to get started with pkgsrc might have to build some things from FreeBSD ports first.

A FreeBSD user wanting to use pkgsrc would have to be careful not to get FreeBSD ports tangled/intertwined with pkgsrc.

There was an attempt to port Gentoo (Linux) portage to FreeBSD, but I see this project is no longer active.

From what I read, it seems pkgsrc fares better on Linux than FreeBSD.

There is Snowflake, a highly experimental Linux distribution using musl that uses pkgsrc, appears to be geared to very outdated versions of pkgsrc and build tools.

-bash-5.0$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

I guess I diverge too much from the main topic of this thread.

I don't like the way FreeBSD ports configure options with dialog4ports, much prefer to edit make.conf or mk.conf as is done with pkgsrc or Gentoo portage.

I notice there is now also a thread "pkgsrc on OpenBSD".


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