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Re: pkgsrc status with FreeBSD

from Greg Troxel:

> "Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> > What is the current status of pkgsrc on FreeBSD?

> I hope someone who has used pkgsrc on FreeBSD recently can say.  My
> vague impression from the lists over the last year or so is that it
> should basically work but that somewhat more packages are likely 
> troubled than on NetBSD/illumos/Linux.

> I would expect base clang to work; pkgsrc uses clang on mac, and people
> use it on netbsd.
> I would suggest trying it and reporting any specific problems.
On a fresh installation of FreeBSD, clang in base is the only C/C++ compiler.

I believe there is also the possibility to build gcc with base, but that would be the outdated gcc-4.2.1, the last version before the switch from GPL 2 to GPL 3.

I read on this emailing list that any substantial update to the base system would require rebootstrapping pkgsrc, but then I might have a version of gcc built.

I am still some way from trying pkgsrc on FreeBSD because of trying to cross-compile Linux and then needing to update NetBSD installations.


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