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Re: pkgsrc status with FreeBSD

On 2020-08-25 21:15, Thomas Mueller wrote:
from Greg Troxel:

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:
What is the current status of pkgsrc on FreeBSD?
I hope someone who has used pkgsrc on FreeBSD recently can say.  My
vague impression from the lists over the last year or so is that it
should basically work but that somewhat more packages are likely
troubled than on NetBSD/illumos/Linux.
I would expect base clang to work; pkgsrc uses clang on mac, and people
use it on netbsd.
I would suggest trying it and reporting any specific problems.
On a fresh installation of FreeBSD, clang in base is the only C/C++ compiler.

I believe there is also the possibility to build gcc with base, but that would be the outdated gcc-4.2.1, the last version before the switch from GPL 2 to GPL 3.

I read on this emailing list that any substantial update to the base system would require rebootstrapping pkgsrc, but then I might have a version of gcc built.

I am still some way from trying pkgsrc on FreeBSD because of trying to cross-compile Linux and then needing to update NetBSD installations.

You could try using a specific version of GCC from FreeBSD ports as your base compiler to avoid ABI changes.  The "gcc" port installs the current default version as a dep and symlinks to gcc, g++, gfortran, etc.  If you explicitly "pkg install gcc9" and use gcc9, g++9, gfortran9 then you should have a stable base compiler ABI for pkgsrc.  I've only bootstrapped with the base clang, so I'm not sure what tweaks would be needed to use ports gcc.  One thing for sure: See /usr/ports/lang/gcc9/files/ for notes on linking with ports gcc libs.

Last I checked the pkgsrc gcc packages did not build on FreeBSD, so anything depending on Fortran was a problem.  Mixing FreeBSD clang with pkgsrc gcc might have some issues anyway.

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