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Re: pkgsrc status with FreeBSD

On 2020-08-28 03:39, Thomas Mueller wrote:
from Jason Bacon:
You could try using a specific version of GCC from FreeBSD ports as your base
compiler to avoid ABI changes.  The "gcc" port installs the current default
version as a dep and symlinks to gcc, g++, gfortran, etc.  If you explicitly
"pkg install gcc9" and use gcc9, g++9, gfortran9 then you should have a stable
base compiler ABI for pkgsrc.  I've only bootstrapped with the base clang, so
I'm not sure what tweaks would be needed to use ports gcc.  One thing for
sure: See /usr/ports/lang/gcc9/files/ for notes on linking with
ports gcc libs.
Last I checked the pkgsrc gcc packages did not build on FreeBSD, so anything
depending on Fortran was a problem.  Mixing FreeBSD clang with pkgsrc gcc
might have some issues anyway.
So a FreeBSD user trying to get started with pkgsrc might have to build some things from FreeBSD ports first.

A FreeBSD user wanting to use pkgsrc would have to be careful not to get FreeBSD ports tangled/intertwined with pkgsrc.
Correct and as we discussed in another recent thread, FreeBSD is particularly vulnerable to leakage since the ports system installs into /usr/local by default and many upstream build systems have this prefix hard coded into search paths.  If a pkgsrc package doesn't ensure that pkgsrc $PREFIX comes first, this could be a problem.

There was an attempt to port Gentoo (Linux) portage to FreeBSD, but I see this project is no longer active.

 From what I read, it seems pkgsrc fares better on Linux than FreeBSD.
Pkgsrc works almost as well on CentOS as it does on NetBSD, with the right setup, and there are in fact some packages that work only on Linux.

There is Snowflake, a highly experimental Linux distribution using musl that uses pkgsrc, appears to be geared to very outdated versions of pkgsrc and build tools.

-bash-5.0$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

I guess I diverge too much from the main topic of this thread.

I don't like the way FreeBSD ports configure options with dialog4ports, much prefer to edit make.conf or mk.conf as is done with pkgsrc or Gentoo portage.

Set BATCH=yes in /etc/make.conf to turn off FreeBSD's ports dialog. You can also set individual port options there, though you may have to inspect the Makefile to figure out what variables to set.  I'm not sure if FreeBSD ports has anything like "make show-options".

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