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Re: pkgsrc on OpenBSD

(All: please trip text that is not necessary for context)

There are two concepts, a system arch and a processor arch.   This is
reflected in uname -m, uname -p, and various variables.  It is

NetBSD uses "amd64" for the system arch and x86_64 for processor arch.
This feels normal, but calling them both x86_64 is reasonable; there
seem to be only one kind of computer with the x86_64 processor.

Mac uses x86_64 and i386.  I find this strange, at least the uname -p
being i386.

openbsd may be different than NetBSD, which is fine, but pkgsrc needs to
somehow take the system values, maybe map them, and then compare to
values, and that whole scheme needs to be consistent.   Sometimes these
might get used to control compiler targets, so this may be harder than
it first seems.

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