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Re: devel/git and devel/git-base are confusing

> And aren't there examples where foo-base is absent and foo does not
> contain fluff? Possibly there is foo-fluff?

We have all approaches in pkgsrc one can imagine.  For example:

	vim-8.1.1004         Vim editor (vi clone) without GUI
	vim-gtk2-8.1.1004nb3 Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 GTK2 GUI


	emacs26-26.1nb7      GNU editing macros (editor)
	emacs26-nox11-26.1   GNU editing macros (editor)

It all goes to show:  one better learns to check "pkgin pkg-descr"
and, because DESCR are all too often just copied, "pkgin show-deps".

There's no real benefit in renaming just for renaming's sake.
It will just add to the confusion we already have.  (My 2c.)

						Martin Neitzel

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