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Re: devel/git and devel/git-base are confusing

nia transcribed 265 bytes:
> problem:
> users expect the git package to just contain the command line tools
> and nothing else.
> solution 1:
> - rename devel/git to devel/git-all
> - optionally, rename devel/git-base to devel/git
> solution 2:
> - make devel/git just install base and docs.
> thoughts?

A third solution could be to make the description more explicit.
At least I do read descriptions before installing software, and
having encountered all sorts of git/git-base/git-minimal/etc before
helped with simply reading the description and Makefile to know what
I wanted to install.

devel/git: GIT version control suite meta-package

could be a bit vague for some users, same goes for

devel/git-base: GIT Tree History Storage Tool (base package)

Of course we can not list all binaries in the description,
but what about:

devel/git: GIT version control suite (contains the full git)   // or something like that
devel/git-base: GIT Tree History Storage Tool (base package, no gui)  // which feels a bit too much Cpt Obvious.

for a start.

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