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Re: devel/git and devel/git-base are confusing

Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:

> For directions that are important we ship with MESSAGES for a reason.
> Putting any directions in DESCR is counter-effective, regardless of what
> is our opinion on people who skip studying DESCR in software they build.

MESSAGE is a mess.  It is printed at install time, and was explicitly
intende for knowing how to set up what you *already chose* to install.
But with binary package managers and dependencies, it flies by.

Regardless of the issues with MESSAGE,explaining what's in a package is
totally inappropriate for it.   Really - this is what DESCR is for.   I
don't think it's reasonable to acccomodate people who decline to read

>> I find it boggling that anyone actually cares this much. Git already
>> pulls in a ton of stuff even if you only install git-base.

I too am surprised that people are really upset, instead of just "oops,
that's more than I want, read DESCRs, uninstall some".   I suspect the
time taken up by this discussion exceeds the total time taken up by
people realizing they isntalled more than they want.

But, reading today's notes, we appear to have reached consensus on just
unhooking gitk (even though both halves seem slightly unhappy, more or
less evenly - the sign of a good middle ground!, so that's good news.

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