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Re: devel/git and devel/git-base are confusing

(You talked about people reading DESCR for 500 packages.  If they have
500 packages, surely ending up with gitk for a while until they realize
is not a big deal.)

>> I'd like to separate discussion of unhooking gitk from more radical
>> changes like removing man pages from the installation of "git".  So:
>> Please speak up if you object to dropping git-gitk as a dependency of
>> the git metapackage.  I am assuming that everyone worried that "git" is
>> too much will like this change, and I am hoping that the people who
>> mostly like the current "git" package won't mind much.
> Keeping devel/git-base as it is and unhooking gitk from devel/git is a
> good compromise.
> I have no particular opinion on git-contrib it can stay as a dependency
> of devel/git.

OK, that's one vote in favor from a "git is too big" person (plus from
me as attempting to find a middle ground).  I'll wait until Wednesday
morning and drop git-gitk from git, absent objections that have
compelling rationale or outweigh the positives.

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