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Re: devel/git and devel/git-base are confusing

On 13.07.2019 14:12, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Mayuresh <> writes:
>> On Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 10:28:48AM +0000, wrote:
>>> devel/git: GIT version control suite (contains the full git)   // or something like that
>> Those who know git already are unlikely to read DESCR. I don't think that
>> can be thought to be such a big mistake.
> It is a mistake not to read DESCR, if you are not happy with what
> happens, and consider then having to read and uninstall a problem.
> DESCR explains the point of the package, and it also explains, often,
> which parts are in which package
>> Further, for many the git CLI is `full git'. I, for one, did not know
>> there exists git beyond CLI. So, you may also elaborate what `full git'
>> is, clearly saying go to git-base if you want only git CLI.
> It's good you learned about gitk.  I am generally not a fan of the GUI
> approach when command-line tools work. But, I find gitk hugely useful
> for understanding the state of a git repository, whenever there are more
> than a couple of branches in use.
> I really don't see how we can arrange things so that a large number of
> people with different preconceived notions can guess correctly without
> reading the dozen-line files provided to explain things to them.

A user that wants to install git (and nothing else) shall just type
'pkgin install git'.

Right now git installs gitk and git documentation. If a git user (like
me) would want to install them, he or she would search how gitk is named
searching for it, like git-gitk or git-gui.. same for the documentation.

The package name shall be obvious at the first sight and argument that
DESCR is sufficient against user-friendliness. We could postulate to
remove DESCR as checking PLIST or distfiles is always enough.

I'm for renaming as devel/git is misnamed.

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