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Re: How to contribute (was: Some patches and a question)

On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 10:34 AM Edgar Fuß <> wrote:
> Things may have changed, but I'm not aware of -wip being anything official.
> My impression was one of the main points of -wip was being inofficial.

Not sure what you mean by official. pkgsrc-wip is open to people who
are not developers and/or NetBSD Foundation members. That said, it is
explicitly fine to use it as a staging repository.

> Plus I'm wondering how to contribute changes to pkgsrc proper via -wip.
> Can someone please educate me? Am I confused?

For a change to an existing package:

1. Copy over the current state from pkgsrc into pkgsrc-wip.
2. If you need to do any changes to make it build there, do that in a
separate commit.
3. Make your change in one or more separate commits.
4. Ask for the change to be pulled over (perhaps in a PR), a developer
does the manual equivalent of `git cherry-pick`.

Sending a patch is often easier, except if it's very large.

For a new package:

1. Add the package to pkgsrc-wip, make changes incrementally until you
are satisfied.
2. Ask for it to be imported. (The top-level TODO has a list of
packages that are ready.)

This is definitely easier (at least for me) than pulling out uuencoded
tarballs from PRs, or shell archives.


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