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evolution mail: calendar/contacts issues

I've finally decided to give up on kde (again) and switch to back to 
xfce4 and so am looking to replace kmail/korganiser. I don't want to use 
thunderbird and so I have been playing with evolution and Installed the 
version from pkgsrc-2018Q3. This went fine and I configured up mail OK 
and that seems to work with light testing. On the main screen there are 
buttons to switch to:


The latter two have appropriate icons, but the former have boxes with 
red crosses which sort of imply they won't work. Tasks and Memos seem to 
do the right thing, Contacts and Calendars just cause a core dump - 
sadly these are two things I need...

The doesn't appear to be anything in the build config to disable these 
so I assume they are built normally.

Anyone got any clue or advice, In fact does anyone use evolution?

I could use claws-mail and orage, but the latter doesn't handle caldav 
protocol and I don't want to use a separate syncer program.

The version of evolution in pkgsrc is pretty old and I note there 
doesn't appear to be any work on a later version in wip. I could spend 
some time looking at getting the latest version running, but would 
prefer to avoid having to do this at present. Would be happy to work on 
it once I have a bit more free time...

Phone: 07805784357
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