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New cabextract 1.8 and libmspack 0.8 release

Hello all,

cabextract 1.8 has been released. It greatly improves its ability to extract damaged files with the "-f" option, and the cabinfo command has been rewritten.

It also fixes this bug:

* if a CAB file has a Quantum-compressed datablock with exactly 38912 compressed bytes, cabextract will write exactly one byte beyond its input buffer.

cabextract can be downloaded from

SHA256 sums:

2d9b5ba24239ba6eac02bdee6f2fa208bb4d0a14c84ed81792fc35c213140f38  cabextract-1.8-1.i386.rpm
54138e652fa0fa39e021d66b6315994f906cda965ddb786117f28276f135664e  cabextract-1.8-1.src.rpm
082b8ec149babc9ae10b5d6568eb764c67e75c3cfc379b1211b88b980febebd7  cabextract-1.8.tar.gz

libmspack 0.8alpha has also been released.

It adds the new parameter MSCABD_PARAM_SALVAGE which permits salvaging badly damaged files rather than rejecting them outright.

It fixes several bugs:

* the above 38912-byte Quantum CAB block bug
* libmspack now also rejects blank CHM filenames that are blank because they have embedded null bytes, not just because they are zero-length
* chmextract now protects you from absolute/relative pathnames in CHM files

libmspack can be downloaded from

SHA256 sum:

0533792e9561375a5fce1bc96bbc65ec778af486e0daa3803b226da9244addaf  libmspack-0.8alpha.tar.gz

If you wish to patch an older version, please look at commits 8759da8, 7cadd48 and 40ef1b4 in the git repository.


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