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Re: Some patches and a question

On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 7:42 PM Attila Fülöp <> wrote:
> On 10/18/18 9:59 AM, Edgar Fuß wrote:
> >> Having just opened some, mostly security related PRs on
> > To my knowledge, the preferred way is not to open a PR, but to open a PR.
> >
> > Read: In NetBSD context, better avoid abreviating ``GitHub Pull Request''
> > as ``PR''. In NetBSD context, ``PR'' means ``Problem Report''
> > (see, which is the preferred way of
> > reporting problems/issues/bugs/tickets or whatever you call them.
> Edgar,
> thanks for your explanation, learning never stops. I should've mentioned
> that I'm using pkgsrc on SmartOS, so my knowledge of NetBSD workflow and
> terminology is quite limited.

You asked a trick question :) There has been a discussion very
recently on this subject on a non-public mailing list.

The official stance of the NetBSD project is that we don't accept pull
requests at all. However, a few motivated individuals do monitor the
GitHub project and treat incoming Pull Requests the same as patches
sent to a mailing list (albeit with a better review UI).

The more official ways of contributing are, in order of preference:

1. Get write access to pkgsrc-wip (which is easy enough), push your
changes there and ask for them to be imported.
2. File a problem report (you can do this on from the web site) with
an attached patch or uuencoded archive.
3. Send mail to one of the mailing lists with a patch attached.

Thanks again for your contributions and I hope that helps! :)


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