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Re: ANN: Availability of pkg(8)-capable pkgsrc

On 11/14/2016 11:52, Swift Griggs wrote:
* Neither of them can give you a way to emulate yum's "whatprovides"
  feature. That's a huge miss for a sysadmin type guy like myself. Yum/dnf
  is a total turd (rinky dink script, actually), IMO, but that feature is
  an absolute godsend since many times package names don't include the
  command names, and that's what folks memorize.

Are you sure? "pkg query" is very powerful. Check "pkg alias"; one prebuilt query may already exist. I don't know yum so I don't know what "whatprovides" does, but I would be very surprised if pkg(8) doesn't do an equivalent.


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