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Re: mail/neomutt install-phase error on chgrp mail mutt_dotlock

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 04:00:11PM -0600, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
> The below patch against pkgsrc-2016Q3 makes the package build
> successfully with pbulk.  It sets the DOTLOCK_GROUP variable to be
> empty.  The Makefile target checks that DOTLOCK_GROUP is not empty
> before doing the chgrp, and since it is empty, the target does not
> do the chgrp, and hence the install phase succeeds.  I haven't tried
> installing the package, but it looks correct (i.e., it includes
> bin/mutt_dotlock and +INSTALL contains "PERMS: bin/mutt_dotlock 2551
> root mail").

Committed, thanks!

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