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pkg(8)-driven pkgsrc: Bootstrap procedure changed (simplified)

I have removed the new pkgtools/pkgng_admin entry and merged it into pkgtools/pkg. The top-level README has been adjusted accordingly. While I was there, I updated pkgtools/pkg to the development version 1.99.2. Now pkgtools/pkg installs both the pkg(8) and pkgng_admin(1) programs and their man pages.

The reason is that the pkgsrc framework emits errors on most entries if pkgng_admin is missing. Bootstrapping was more difficult when both pkg and pkgng_admin were required and a user could accidentally delete and break the framework. For many reasons I deemed it safer to install pkg and pkgng together so that PKG_FORMAT="pkgng" always works.

As an aside:
There appears to have been some confusion about the purpose of my original announcement. The pkgsrc parallel-fork that I call "pkg(8)-driven pkgsrc" is not a technical proposal. If I were making a proposal, I would have posted my ideas on the "tech-pkg" mailing list, gotten blasted for them, got discouraged and/or angry and then dropped the whole thing.

So instead I just did it and I'm letting *USERS* know that it exists. I was not looking for unsolicited feedback from pkgsrc developers. If many people find it useful and it gathers a following, then there may be a desire to merge this work into pkgsrc proper and I would assist with that.

To iterate:
1) This is not a technical proposal
2) It's not a proof of concept.  It works.
3) I'm not open to opinions about how pkg(8) is badly designed, the decisions FreeBSD has made with their Ports Collection, how somebody should rewrite big parts of it, or general "not invented here" nonsense. 4) I'm not intending on merging any of this back. (I will assist someone if asked though). So nobody has to worry about me tainting pkgsrc proper.

It's standard open-source work. I offer it in the hopes that it may be useful, etc, etc, etc. If you don't find it useful or thinks it's a good idea, just ignore it.


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