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Re: ANN: Availability of pkg(8)-capable pkgsrc

On 11/13/2016 14:42, John Nemeth wrote:
On Nov 13,  7:54am, John Marino wrote:
} I haven't tested it and I wouldn't recommend it, but I think it would be
} possible to convert without cleaning first.  Your system would be rather
} nasty because everything that is previously installed will be without
} registration until they are rebuilt and reinstalled.

     That is a really serious flaw, and I don't see why anybody
would do that.  Here I was thinking that pkg(8) might be usable as
an alternative to pkgin(1).  Boy, was I wrong on that.  Basically,
you're trying to say that it is pkgsrc, but not pkgsrc.  I see no
real point in using pkg(8) on top of pkgsrc if it means completely
redoing the entire pkgsrc ecosphere.

Here I was thinking that you might finally know of which you speak, but boy was I wrong. I see nothing has changed.

A. Somebody asked if something is possible
B. I say it's possible but not recommended
C. You conclude that because something is possible it's a flaw.


John, It's very simple. You can ignore this effort. It's not for you. You're free to live in your make-believe world but it would be nice if you don't try to poison the well for any potential users that might find it useful (as several people that have privately emailed me have already indicated).

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