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Re: ANN: Availability of pkg(8)-capable pkgsrc

from John Marino and my previous post:

> > Upgrading many packages from pkgsrc or FreeBSD ports is very
> > time-consuming and subject to errors. It seemed pkg2ng was
> > preferable.
> FreeBSD provides updated packages on a weekly basis.
> So "updating" only took the time to download the binaries.
> I would strongly disagree it was "subject to errors".
> In fact, all you had to do was get a list of primary packages you want,
> pkg_delete every existing package on the system and then "pkg ins `cat
> mylist`".  It couldn't be simpler nor less prone to error.

> In any case it's moot.  There will be no equivalent pkg2ng on pkgsrc.
> As joerg indicated, freebsd's isn't compatible and nobody is going to
> work on an equivalent converter.

My statement on upgrading all packages being subject to error was based on upgrading through source, with
portupgrade -a or portmaster -a ...

I can't say if synth would work better but am eager to try.

I might have to use portmaster to build synth for the first time on an existing installation but would then switch to synth.


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