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Re: Strange errors while compiling security/p5-GSSAPI

On Thu, 4 Aug 2016, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> If you're on 2016Q2 as you say then this cannot happen, as:

Hehe, never underestimate my ability to hork something up. I'll find new 
and creative ways. :-)

Kidding aside, I believe you. I don't doubt I must have done something 
ill-advised. However, I definitely know what version of pkgsrc I'm running 
because I do this to verify:

% cd /usr/pkgsrc
% cat CVS/Tag 

>  - Perl has been at version 5.24.0 since before 2016Q2 was branched,
>    so the pkgsrc_2016Q2 tag, the pkgsrc_2016Q2 branch, and pkgsrc HEAD 
>    all have exactly the same version.

Sounds like you did some research etc... I'm not arguing.

>  - The repository clearly shows perl-5.24.0 and no other release
>    available, e.g.:

% cat repositories.conf | egrep -v '^#'

Looks pretty similar. 

> Thus the explanations are that you're either not actually using 2016Q2, 
> you've updated your local lang/perl5 to a newer version and forgotten 
> about it, or you are perhaps fetching from a rogue binary package mirror 
> which is shipping you outdated and possibly malicious packages.  My 
> guess is on #1.

Could have been. I'll see if I can carefully reproduce the issue and then 
I'll come back with more data/intelligence.

> Either way you'll want to figure out which of those it is before 
> proceeding any further, as you'll only hit more problems by carrying on 
> regardless.

No doubt. That's good advice. 

Thanks again for the help and participation, folks.


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