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CDE patches

Heya folks, I'm on the CDE (it's been open sourced a while if you haven't 
heard) mailing list. They haven't yet applied the patches that are in WIP 
for version 2.2.2. Sooooo, I'm working with one of their devs (John 
Trulson) to get the patches in pkgsrc/WIP into the trunk. I'm hoping they 
will show up in the 2.2.4 version (2.2.3 is already out). 

Let me know if I'm stepping on anyone here. I like CDE somewhat and I'd 
love to see it move from WIP -> mainline. However, I realize that having 
it compile cleanly would be a lovely first step. 

So far the devs and the list are cool, but like a lot of projects, they 
are slow because they are all busy with $dayjob. 

Also, the CDE wiki has some instructions for hand-compiling and they have 
a bit on patching the pkgsrc version of Motif so that it has printing 
support. I think there must be a better way to handle this (like a 
PKG_OPTIONS.motif or something to toggle it on/off). Right now it appears 
this Makefile line is static:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --disable-printing


PS: Whoever created the patches in the first place - thanks! 

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