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Re: pkgsrc on Mac OS X now supports X11_TYPE=modular, please test it

On 10/13/15 3:57 PM, Tobias Nygren wrote:
On Tue, 13 Oct 2015 14:40:16 -0400
Louis Guillaume <> wrote:

I have checked out x11/modular-xorg-xquartz and wm/quartz-wm from
-current. Hopefully this will not have issues with the rest of the tree
being pkgsrc-2015Q3.

I'm afraid you will need a couple of other things from HEAD or
you will run into build errors. At least the following need to be


It should be safe to upgrade those to HEAD and use them with
pkgsrc-2015Q3 but I cannot guarantee it. The changes are too large
(most notably mesa 11) to be able to put them in the current release

It is also possible to bootstrap pkgsrc-current to an alternate
prefix (like say /opt/pkg-current) and only install
x11/modular-xorg-xquartz there. Then you can keep /opt/pkg on 2015Q3
and install the rest of your packages there like usual.


I had to add x11/libxshmfence to the list of packages from -current. After that all the dependencies have built ok. But there is a problem in the packaging phase for x11/modular-xorg-xquartz itself:

=> Automatic manual page handling
pkg_create: can't stat `/opt/pkgobj/x11/modular-xorg-xquartz/work/.destdir/opt/pkg/var/db/xkb/README.compiled' => Creating binary package /opt/pkgobj/x11/modular-xorg-xquartz/work/.packages/modular-xorg-xquartz-1.17.2.tgz pkg_create: can't stat `/opt/pkgobj/x11/modular-xorg-xquartz/work/.destdir/opt/pkg/var/db/xkb/README.compiled' pkg_create: lstat failed for file var/db/xkb/README.compiled: No such file or directory
*** Error code 2

I touched that file and the package is built. Here's what I found at runtime...

After starting X11, most things work just fine when called from an xterm. I tried xterm, xpdf, gv. Those all behave fine. Inkscape (the binary download for OS X/X11) works ok but you have to start it from xterm via the command line.

Calling X clients from the regular MacOS doesn't work. I'm sure this is an environmental thing. Currently $DISPLAY looks like:


I'm not sure if that's left-over from the prior environment or if it was set up by Haven't rebooted/logged out, in as yet.

I think that the next thing that needs to work is to be able to launch an xterm, xpdf or gv from before has been launched. This could, again, be a local config but I don't know what that is...


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