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Re: Please review wip/cd-hit and wip/bwa

On 10/12/15 11:57 AM, Leonardo Taccari wrote:
Hello Jason,

Jason Bacon writes:
Thanks for the feedback.  The cd-hit package was actually grabbing the
wrong distfile, which complicated things.

I cleaned up both packages per your suggestions.
I have just imported cdhit in pkgsrc as biology/cdhit.

While here - back to the Subject: - it seems that wip/bwa is not the
latest stable version (0.7.12). Is there a reason to stick to the 0.7.9a
version or can you please update it to the 0.7.12?
I will take care to import it in pkgsrc as well.

Thank you very much for your work!
I think we can safely move to the latest at this point. I'll just leave 0.7.9a on our own clusters until the current studies are concluded.

I'll update bwa in wip ASAP.



  Jason W. Bacon

  If a problem can be solved,
  there's no need to worry.
If it cannot be solved, then
  worrying will do no good.

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