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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge


Greg Troxel <> writes:

> I think Aleksej has a good point about the phrasing of the mail that
> started this off.  It read to me as a decision that was arrived at, not
> a kicking off of discsussion.  In particular, it used "will" to describe
> how things might work if certain steps would taken, which implies that a
> plan has been approved.
> In the discussions I've had so far (a bit of which hast been discussion
> among pmc) the only things that seem really agreed on are moving away
> From sourceforge (because of the same problems that are causing everyone
> else to leave) and, based on the earlier larger dicussions about moving
> NetBSD and pkgsrc to a DVCS, it seems pretty clear that a DVCS is in
> order.
> Given a DVCS, it also seems clear to me (this is just me speaking now)
> that the only viable choices are git and hg.
> If anyone thinks that staying with sourceforge is a good idea, please
> speak up and provide rationale.

I would like to hear the rationale on moving away from SourceForge.

The way pkgsrc-wip uses SourceForge services differs a lot from what
"everyone else" does. In particular, pkgsrc-wip doesn't use wiki or bug
tracker features. Thus limitations of web site hosting or bug tracker
don't apply. It doesn't ship files either, thus causes for public outrage
about download links don't apply. As a consequence, there's no sensible
reason _for_pkgsrc-wip_ to move away from SourceForge. At least no
immediate one, and that's why I'd like to hear a particular rationale,
the one that applies to the project rather than blindly following "everyone else."

On the other hand, moving means at least setup cost for a lot of people
with the associated risk that new hosting won't allow as convenient access.


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