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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

Rhialto <> writes:

> On Tue 14 Jul 2015 at 12:27:02 -0400, D'Arcy J.M. Cain wrote:
>> On Tue, 14 Jul 2015 10:04:56 -0400
>> "Hugh Meyer" <> wrote:
>> > One aspect of GIT is that it allows history to be changed and does
>> > not track who made the change.
>> Is that true?  Sounds like deal breaker to me.  Are you sure that that
>> behavior can't be controlled by the configuration?
> No it is definitely not true. Each state in the repository has an ID,
> based on a hash, and 
> The writer above maybe is confusing "changing history" with "creating a
> completely new and recognizably different chain of history based on some
> combination of other parts of the history" (git rebase). This only adds
> new history, clearly identified by who did it, and it doesn't remove
> what was there.  People who have the original history still have it.
> Operations like this are meant to be used before the original history is
> published to any other repository, since this can cause confusion.

One can also modify the repository to remove commits or remove files
From commits (see "git filter-branch").   But doing this produces new
hashes of all commits, and it's pretty obvious.

But this is a silly claim, because in any system, you can modify the
underlying database and change whatever you want.  cvs has "admin -o".
In svn, one can surely dump/edit/restore.

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