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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge


Benny Siegert <> writes:

> Hey,
> at pkgsrcCon, we were discussing the state of pkgsrc-wip today. The
> consensus of the people in the room was that
> a) moving away from sourceforge is a good occasion for moving away from CVS,
> b) wip is totally the type of thing that should be on Github.
> (b) is evident by the number of people sending in pull requests for
> the Joyent mirror of wip. The style in which wip has been developed,
> with a very low bar for new contributors each working on a subset of
> packages, is a great fit for the github model. In addition, there is
> no reason why wip must use the same VCS as pkgsrc or NetBSD.
> So let's do this! :) Thomas, what do you think?

First, I find it annoying that some minority of people decide for others
without giving any chance to speak. Only because of that "so let's do this"
must be rejected. Even if this is a consensus of people in the room,
it may not be a consensus in the whole community.

Second, when moving away from sourceforge was discussed? Has it ever been
discussed at all?

Third, how is moving away from sourceforge (to be discussed still) related
to changing VCS? Moving CVS repository is a matter of copying files,
moving to another VCS is not.

Fourth, your "b" is not evident. In fact, this is not even a fact yet.
Where and when was it presented in public? How did you determine that
the number of those contributions is not a noise?

Fifth, I don't see how Joyent is fundamentally different from myself in
receiving and processing change requests for pkgsrc-wip. I receive them
by mail and on IRC (sometimes via paste service, sometimes directly),
Joyent may receive them by any other means.


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